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For over ten years, DealerFLEX has exclusively served the retail automotive industry. We constantly evolve to meet the needs of our clients and provide the best experience for our employees. 

The DealerFLEX mission is to empower retail automotive operations to focus on driving sales and service success by providing the very best people and technology. We tackle tough-to-manage fixed operations roles and vehicle risk with a permanently managed labor solution.

We integrate seamlessly with your current operations to maximize the customer and client relationship. Safety is our top priority and we have thorough training and coaching programs to minimize risk to our employees and your vehicles. Our extensive knowledge of automotive-focused management separates DealerFLEX from other service providers and provides tangible results for our clients.


We operate according to our Mission and our five Core Values:

    1. Safety First: The safety of our team, clients, and communities we serve is the first thing we consider in every decision we make.  Our commitment to being the safest operator on the road will continue to drive our long-term success.

    2. Innovation: We continually develop solutions that solve everyday problems. We lead the way in connecting technology, people, and processes. 
    3. Integrity: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of business and professional ethics. We keep our commitments to our clients and associates. 
    4. Service: We exceed industry standards in dealing with our clients, their customers, and employees. We perform what seem like ordinary tasks in extraordinary ways. We do the extra things that make a difference.

    5. Entrepreneurial Growth: We work together to create opportunities for our business, our team, and our partners. We continually learn and grow, as a company and as individuals.

“As the highest volume dealer in the tri-state area, we would not be able to operate without DealerFlex

Burns Honda

“Our customers always receive the highest level of customer service”

Holman BMW

“We have saved so much time, money, and headaches being a DealerFlex partner”

Main Line BMW

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