Automotive Staffing for Delaware Dealerships

Fueling Delaware Auto Dealerships with Performance-Driven Staffing

DEALERFLEX has you covered

Delaware’s auto industry hums with a blend of coastal charm and big-city hustle. From picturesque beachside showrooms to bustling Route 1 giants, Delaware car buyers expect service as vibrant and dynamic as the state’s tidal rhythms.

At DealerFLEX, we know the nuanced challenges and successes that Delaware auto dealers experience. That’s why we offer staffing solutions adapted to your needs and designed to propel your dealership to the next level.

DealerFlex Service Greeter

Service Drive Staffing

First impressions are like Delaware’s boardwalk fries – hot and unforgettable. Our Service Stars shine with hospitality, smoothing the transition from the highway to your comfortable dealership. They answer questions with Atlantic clarity, prep vehicles with coastal efficiency, and handle tasks effortlessly, freeing your team to focus on delivering top-notch services.

Car Wash Staffing

A sparkling showroom is just the first wave. Drivers expect their vehicles to shine like Rehoboth’s summer sun, and our CleanTeam has what it takes to make that happen. Detailed and thorough, they transform every car they touch into a stunning success, reflecting the unwavering pride of your Delaware dealership.

Customer Pick-up & Delivery Staffing

Convenience is everything to the customers that your car dealership serves. Our dependable drivers provide seamless pick-up and delivery services, whether for routine maintenance, major repairs, or simply navigating busy schedules. Let our team take the stress out of car care and allow your customers to focus on their busy lives.

Parts Delivery and Logistics

We know you like keeping your service bays stocked and your technicians working. That requires a smooth-running supply chain. Our team ensures the right parts arrive on time to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency. We handle everything from vendor management to inventory control, allowing your team to remain focused on repairs and service.

Shuttle Operations

When Delaware auto dealerships offer convenient transportation options to their customers, it goes a long way. Our professional shuttle drivers will provide your customers with a comfortable and reliable ride to and from your dealership. We’ll leave a lasting, positive impression that will keep your customers satisfied and coming back for more.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Finding top talent these days can be a real challenge. Our FLEX recruitment service removes that problem by leveraging our extensive network and expert recruiters to seamlessly identify and place qualified technicians, advisors, and other key staff members in your dealership. We handle the entire process, so you don’t have to.

DealerFLEX: Invested in Your Success

Partnering with DealerFLEX is more than just a way to provide new staffing solutions for your Delaware dealership. It’s about securing a trusted partner invested in your dealership’s long-term success. We understand the unique currents of the area’s auto market and are committed to providing the resources and support you need to thrive.

Are you ready to reach your full potential?

Contact DealerFLEX today, and let us show you how our comprehensive staffing solutions can help make your dreams a reality. We have an unwavering commitment to providing excellence, flexibility, and innovation to everyone we serve – and we’re confident it will make a difference in your dealership’s success.

“As the highest volume dealer in the tri-state area, we would not be able to operate without DealerFlex.”

Burns Honda

“Our customers always receive the highest level of customer service”

Holman BMW

“We have saved so much time, money, and headaches being a DealerFlex partner”

Main Line BMW

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