May 8, 2024
3 Ways for Auto Dealers to Reduce On-Road Liability
by DealerFlex,

Running a successful retail automotive business comes with a variety of risks to your inventory and the safety of your employees and customers. Having a solid risk management strategy can help prevent lot damage and on-road incidents. Below are three easy-to-implement strategies to reduce your liability.

Build a Culture of Safety

It all starts with hiring the right employees and cultivating an environment that reinforces safe driving practices. The hiring and screening process should include thorough background checks to ensure a clean driving record and safety training should be highlighted throughout new-hire onboarding. Employees should receive continuous training to stay up-to-date on safety protocols and be proactive in reporting safety concerns or risks observed during their shifts. Formalize the established safety policies and procedures for your dealership so regular ongoing safety training can be conducted and you can continue to build out best practices.


There are a few ways to integrate technology into your store to provide you with the data you need to mitigate risk. If you’re currently offering pick-up and delivery, there are products that can facilitate loaner management and help you understand where you may have opportunities to reduce damage. 

Platforms like Dealer Dispatch can streamline your service drive and create accountability for your fixed operations team. You’ll know exactly where your cars have been moving on and off the lot and who was driving. Integrating 2-way AI-enabled dashboard cameras into your technology strategy can help to reduce claim liability and prevent unsafe driver behavior.

Outsource Your Hourly Fixed Operations Roles

You can eliminate your on-road liability entirely by turning to a Managed Service Provider. DealerFLEX works exclusively with retail automotive operations to implement technology and qualified drivers while taking on the associated risk. 

Your team will no longer be tasked with hiring, training, or managing high-turnover hourly positions such as lot technicians, porters, pick-up and delivery drivers, and greeters. You’ll have a manager on site backed by a team of recruiters and HR professionals to keep you staffed with trained associates. Our managers provide daily coaching and our centralized team monitors AI-enabled dashboard camera activity to discourage distracted and unsafe driving behaviors.

Find out how DealerFLEX can help you eliminate liability and control your labor costs. Our program has been proven to increase CSI scores and give back time to your sales and service team for revenue-generating activities. Contact us today!

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