November 6, 2023
Hit Your Budget Goals with Fixed Ops Outsourcing for Auto Dealers
by DealerFlex,

 Budget deadlines are approaching. Are you overlooking your fixed ops support roles? When preparing next year’s budget, you’ll save a little here, add a little there, and land at a number that looks about right. Then you’ll need to put a plan together to deliver.  The right labor plan can help you manage your monthly costs, eliminate risk, and create more opportunity to generate revenue.

Looking closer at the hourly support roles within your fixed operations team, DealerFLEX can support you with a strategy to help you exceed your goals.  Let’s start with costs and revenue generation within your team.  There are many must have support roles in any retail automotive operation.  These roles are a necessity, but don’t actually drive any revenue.  They facilitate it, but do not create it. 

Technicians are easy, flat rates make it a one-to-one expense.  More expense, more revenue. The fixed operations hourly support roles are a very different case; service valets, greeters, car wash attendants, parts delivery drivers, parts runners.  These roles are easy to overlook on a week to week basis.

You have to deal with employees not showing up to work, poor performance, and overtime can eat up your budget before you even realize there is a problem.  The constant turnover of your hourly workers comes with a real cost. It is not only the time and dollars associated with replacing staff, but the revenue that is lost when you send advisors or department heads to the drive in an attempt to fill in for these roles. Not to mention the lack of
consistency impacts survey scores and ultimately revenue generation for potentially months.

This is where DealerFLEX can help.

Our clients are able to hit their budgets 52 weeks a year.  They’re prepared to grow.  They’re prepared to pull back when the budget requires.  Once your customized program is built, you can set it and forget it. Our onsite manager is there every day to carry out the plan. 

Imagine a day where your team does not need to think about call outs, overtime, benefits, workers’ compensation, or lot damage. You can focus on driving new revenue and not getting lost in the headache of the high-turnover workforce or the subsequent claims that come with a churning workforce. We take on full liability of every vehicle we manage. 

The DealerFLEX program is consistent and it delivers. Our technology provides you with complete transparency to the daily schedule and access to the same tools we use to deliver unmatched service and budget success. 

For over ten years we have served the automotive retail industry. It’s all we do.  We hire, train, and retain the very best people for the job.  We know who they are, where to find them, and how to keep them.  It’s not an easy feat, but we have built a program to create efficiencies and drive results.  We learned how to hit the budget and it takes a lot of work to do it.  It takes technology, planning, and accountability.  We spend the time managing it so you don’t have to. 

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you this budget season, please contact us today.

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