December 14, 2023
New Year. New Service Experience.
by DealerFlex,

Reflecting on the past year and some of your biggest headaches, do they include on-road accidents, lot damage, staff call-outs, and customer service issues? DealerFLEX Managed Services are designed to give you peace of mind. We take on the risk and provide you with a team of professionals who work daily to increase your CSI scores. Best of all, our programs free up your management team to focus on the areas that grow revenue and fixed operations profitability.

We have been serving retail automotive dealerships for over 10 years. Together, we can create a partnership that allows you to have your best year in 2024.

Below are four key ways DealerFLEX can help alleviate headaches and achieve your budget goals.

1. Effectively manage the fixed ops hourly workforce

We create a custom staffing solution to manage all aspects of your operation effectively. Your team is no longer tasked with hiring, training, or supervising the hourly workers. We can support both variable and fixed operations; lot porters, the service drive, the service wash, vehicle pick-up and delivery, and parts delivery.

You can expect qualified and professional staff every day. We have perfected the hourly talent acquisition process and know what it takes to hire the right people, provide the right tools, and implement safety and service training programs. Our onsite manager will make it easy to flex your labor appropriately to handle service center fluctuations with an unlimited number of first-class talent in a full and part-time capacity.

2. Increase CSI scores

We ensure that a supervisor is present for all shifts to maintain a consistent service experience for your customers. All of our employees complete the DealerFLEX 5-Diamond Service Training Program before their first day and our associates go above and beyond to anticipate customer needs.

With demand for pick-up and delivery services at an all-time high, we understand the importance of providing customers with an out-of-store experience that rivals your service drive. Our technology can overcome any logistical challenges and leave a lasting impression on your clients.

3. Assume full liability

DealerFLEX takes risk management seriously. We assume full liability of vehicles handled by our staff and are fully insured up to $10M. Our unrivaled safety program includes training and coaching programs to prepare our team members to identify, anticipate, and proactively avoid exposure and contact points.

No vehicle leaves your lot without active AI-enabled video monitoring. Our central dispatch receives alerts for phone usage, signal violations, and speeding violations in real-time. Whether it is a parts delivery truck, customer service shuttle, or a loaner, we deploy the gold standard of fleet driver management.

4. Free up your team to focus on revenue-generating activities

Many dealerships use their service advisors to greet customers and perform vehicle check-ins. We also see technicians assuming responsibility for washing and staging cars, and other similar non-revenue-generating tasks. With the US retail value of these roles averaging over $100 to $200 per hour, a franchise auto dealer can incur losses of over $20,000 per month very quickly.

Additionally, service customers can be lost due to overcrowded and disorganized service lanes. DealerFLEX will put your techs and advisors back to work selling and performing high-dollar vehicle repairs. Our highly-trained team can perfect customer greetings and check-ins, perform damage walkarounds and fluid top-offs, and impact sales directly by providing customers with real-time alignment checks.

Our program is designed to take on some of your biggest challenges so that your team can spend their time on the activities that matter most.

Find out how our seamless integration into your operation will allow you to control labor costs, boost your CSI scores, and drive more revenue this year.

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