May 16, 2024
The Top Ten Marketing and Sales Apps Auto Dealers Should Try
by DealerFlex,

The auto industry is constantly in flux. With evolving consumer expectations, a growing online presence, and a fiercely competitive market, dealerships need to be at the forefront of technology to survive and thrive.

In 2024, the key lies in leveraging innovative marketing and sales apps that streamline processes, personalize the customer journey, and ultimately drive sales.

Here’s a look at some of the top contenders:

Apps for Enhancing the Customer Experience

The following apps are designed to transform how your dealership interacts with customers, fostering stronger relationships, building trust, and creating a frictionless buying experience.


DealerCenter is a mobile app that puts the power in your hands, allowing you to create a branded app for your customers. It’s designed with simplicity in mind, offering features like scheduling appointments, service history access, and loyalty program management—all within a user-friendly platform that keeps your dealership top-of-mind.


Take personalization a step further with the AI-powered Activator platform. It analyzes customer behavior and preferences to deliver targeted messaging via SMS, email, and social media. This ensures your marketing efforts resonate with individual customers, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.


This all-in-one solution streamlines customer communication. Podium integrates messaging across SMS, text messaging, calls, reviews, and social media, offering a centralized platform for dealerships to manage interactions and provide a seamless customer experience.

Apps for Marketing Automation and Lead Generation

These apps empower you to work smarter, not harder, to attract high-quality leads and nurture them into loyal customers.

MarketAI (by

If you’re looking for a comprehensive marketing automation platform, MarketAI is a strong contender. It offers targeted ad campaigns, social media management, automated lead nurturing workflows, and detailed analytics. By optimizing your marketing efforts, MarketAI can help you maximize your ROI and drive more sales.

CDK Global

A household name in the automotive industry, CDK Global offers a suite of marketing and sales solutions. Their offerings include dealership management systems (DMS), marketing automation tools, and data analytics that help dealerships manage customer relationships, target high-value prospects, and generate leads.

Provision (by VAuto)

This lead generation tool goes beyond traditional methods. Provision utilizes machine learning to identify in-market car buyers and connect them with your dealership. It personalizes outreach and streamlines the follow-up process, ensuring your sales team focuses on qualified leads.

Data-Driven Dealership and Team Management Apps

The key to a successful dealership lies in attracting leads and effectively converting them into sales. These innovative apps are designed to optimize your sales processes, empower your sales team, and ultimately close more deals.


This platform is a game-changer for sales team management. It provides real-time insights into sales performance, tracks individual and team goals, and offers coaching tools to empower your team. Mastermind fosters a data-driven sales approach and helps dealerships maximize their sales potential.

Dealer Dispatch (by DealerFLEX)

This app, developed by DealerFLEX, is a game-changer for dealership communication and workflow, particularly within the service department. Dealer Dispatch offers a centralized platform that transforms your service team’s operations by streamlining task management and vehicle dispatch.

Empowering Efficiency and Transparency

Dealer Dispatch allows you to easily assign and track various service tasks, from routine checks to complex repairs, ensuring nothing gets overlooked. This streamlined approach optimizes technician task allocation, minimizing delays and leading to a more productive service department. The app also facilitates comprehensive damage inspections with photo and video documentation for pre- and post-trip vehicle checks. This fosters transparency for customers and your team, building trust and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Enhanced Customer Service and Safety

With Dealer Dispatch, you can monitor driver location and activity during off-site trips in real time. This enhances accountability and ensures timely customer service, keeping customers informed and satisfied throughout the process. The app also boasts AI-powered driver safety features. These features monitor for phone usage, speeding, and signal violations, promoting safe driving habits among your team members. This minimizes potential accidents and fosters a safety culture that reflects well on your dealership.

DealerFLEX: Your Partner in Success Beyond the Apps

It’s important to remember that apps are just tools. To maximize their effectiveness, dealerships need to invest in ongoing training and support for their staff. At DealerFLEX, we’re committed to providing the support you need to succeed. We’ll work with you to develop a clear strategy for app utilization, ensuring you feel confident in your ability to leverage technology for your dealership’s success.

DealerFLEX is dedicated to helping dealerships achieve their full potential. In addition to the Dealer Dispatch app, we offer a comprehensive suite of staffing and technology solutions designed to optimize dealership performance in every aspect. From staffing solutions to cutting-edge technology tools, DealerFLEX can help you streamline operations, maximize profitability, and create a positive customer experience.


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