February 21, 2024
What Does It Take To Outsource Your Dealership’s Service Drive?
by DealerFlex,

Hiring, training, and managing the hourly fixed operations staff on your drive may be draining your managers, but outsourcing to a third-party vendor may sound daunting. In reality, the transition process can be done within two weeks and it is a lot less painful than you might expect. The best part is that once your staffing provider is in place your team is no longer responsible for the day-to-day management and associated risk of your lot porters and off-site drivers.  It is a permanent solution to an ongoing problem.  

We have compiled a list of FAQs we consistently receive from clients at the start of our partnership. The answers below should help to identify all of the potential pain points of a transition. With over 75 sites online, you can count on a reliable team that anticipates your needs.   

Are we going to take a hit on our budget?

Our goal is to be cost neutral so as we learn about your current staffing levels and services, we are looking for ways to optimize schedules and bring efficiencies to your drive. Our sales process starts with gaining an understanding of your operation and service model to customize a solution. We are cost-effective where you may be overspending (think high wages, turnover, overtime, workers comp, and lot damage.) We are taking on a lot of your burden and the soft costs that aren’t associated with your hourly workforce.  Most commonly, you’ll see an expense that is very close to what you are spending now and, in many cases a more affordable outcome. Once we agree on a budget and the scope of services, you will have a predictable expense that hits your budget every month of the year.  

Does everyone lose their job?

Our recruitment team will be prepared to hire, train, and onboard a full team of professionals. When it comes to your existing workforce, we will make personnel decisions together. Members of our HR department will meet with your management to discuss your existing staff and what the process is to onboard team members to the DealerFLEX payroll. Should you have recommended hires, our HR team will be on-site for the date of transition to extend official offer letters and answer any questions related to the changes in their employment.  We see close to 100% of current staff members successfully make the transition.  

How will DealerFLEX employees represent our brand?

Our employees receive extensive safety and service training before starting and have strict guidelines around dress code. Although they wear a DealerFLEX uniform, their nametag will be co-branded and they will be coached to meet the specific requirements of your store. We aim to be an extension of your team and blend in with the culture that you have developed.  In most cases, our team will eventually jump back to your team to take on an elevated role. There aren’t many stores we service where the sales and service team does not have “DealerFLEX Alumni.”

There are already processes in place. Will they change?

We will only recommend changes to your processes if we feel we can improve on safety, service, or efficiency. For starters, our custom workforce portal will help to streamline scheduling and give you the visibility and flexibility you need. Our mobile app will connect our drivers with your advisors to effectively act as your service drive’s command center. We like to take it slow and truly understand the unique challenges your physical plant and brand expectations place on the operation. At the end of the day, processes and procedures are still your decision.  

Who is responsible for lot damage or claims?

All DealerFLEX employees are covered by our insurance policy and we take on the liability for all vehicles they manage. Rest assured that our employees put safety first and will not leave your lot without a Dealer Dispatch enabled dashboard camera to ensure safety.

In Summary

The DealerFLEX team will make the process as seamless as possible to maintain high levels of service while transitioning the management of your drive. Our VP of Operations will present you with a project plan and communicate with you and your team every step along the way.  We are in this together and can ensure permanent long-term success.  The peaks and valleys of staffing the drive are a thing of the past.  

If you would like more information, please call 856-600-3220 or request a proposal.

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