June 12, 2024
Why Auto Dealers Shouldn’t Keep Your Hourly Roles “In-House”
by DealerFlex,

It may be your desire to keep the management of your hourly employees internal even if you are experiencing high turnover, overtime, and the general stress of day-to-day training and oversight. You may even ask your sales and service team members to fill in to pick up a customer or put a car through the wash taking hours away from revenue-generating activity. 

Turning to a Managed Service Provider may sound like you are giving up too much control, but finding the right partner can actually bring many advantages. Whether it is through your service drive, wash department, or parts delivery, you can gain from new operational efficiencies, elevated customer service and safety practices, and more time to focus on sales and service.

Below we have listed some of the biggest benefits you can expect from your service provider.

Budget Controls

Budgeting your high turnover roles can be tricky. There are a lot of hidden costs to recruit, hire, train, and maintain your team. Aside from wages, other expenses come with managing your team. (We covered some of these costs here.) When you outsource these roles, you work with your provider to determine the best weekly schedule to meet the demands of your store and you’ll always be fully staffed with trained professionals to provide the best service to your customers. The cost will remain constant from week to week and often this service is cost-neutral to what you’re budgeting now without any of the headaches of call-outs, overtime, or hands-on management.

Increase Revenue Generating Activities

When your service drive and wash are fully staffed, your techs and advisors can focus on service and sales. You can now minimize the “downtime” they experience when asked to stage or wash vehicles, pick up customers, or do other similar tasks. Your managers can also spend more time where it matters most. They won’t waste hours and money handling recruitment, HR issues, or call-outs. They will have an on-site manager working directly with them to oversee the team.

Eliminate On-Road Liability

Select a partner that will remove the claims liability from your operation. They should assume full liability for all vehicles they handle with drivers covered on their policy. Assuming the risk, they will likely have a robust safety culture and ongoing training and coaching to minimize incidents. When you consider the costly claims you have managed over the past 12 months, this could be a game changer for your operation.

Increase CSI Scores

Your provider should have customer service training programs and standards to elevate your customer experience. It is their responsibility to provide a team of uniformed professionals who work seamlessly with all other departments. Because it is easy for them to scale your labor for day, week, or season, you should always have the team to accommodate the needs of the business and provide the best possible service.

Find out how DealerFLEX can help you today!

For over ten years, we have been providing custom staffing and technology solutions exclusively for automotive retail locations. If you are considering a Managed Service Provider, please contact us today!

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