March 11, 2024
DealerFLEX Launches Dealer Dispatch App
by DealerFlex,

The DealerFLEX team is excited to announce the release of Dealer Dispatch, a dealership communications and workflow app that is transforming the automotive service center. 

The app was designed with the DealerFLEX mission at the forefront: to empower retail automotive operations to focus on driving sales and service success by providing the very best people and technology. Dealer Dispatch can solve many workflow issues and reinforce safe driver practices to deliver consistent results.

There are four key Dealer Dispatch App features:

  1. Activity and Task Tracking
    We configure the app to meet the specific needs and goals of your dealership. The settings are flexible and you will finally have an accountability solution. Setting recurring tasks can prompt the team to complete simple activities, like sweeping and taking out the trash, as well as larger activities intended to incentivize top performance.
  1. Vehicle Requests
    We further optimize the time of your technicians and advisors with easily scheduled cashier requests, customer vehicle pick-ups, and lot-to-lot vehicle movements. Track and view the status of requests including wash progress. You’ll always know when vehicles are ready or leaving the property.
  1. Off-Site Operations
    The map view provides a complete picture of where your drivers are in real-time. Customers will be provided with accurate delivery windows and drivers will be monitored to eliminate off-task activity and its associated risk. With one platform for planning and executing runs efficiently, get more done with less staff.
  1. AI-Enabled Safety Monitoring
    Safety is a top priority and our mobile app provides real-time driver alerts for risky behavior including phone usage, speeding, and signal violations. Our centralized dispatch team monitors all driving activity in real time to create coaching opportunities and foster a safety-first culture. This program has been proven to minimize unnecessary risk and change driver behavior.

As we continue to roll out the Dealer Dispatch technology onsite at our managed locations it has become a solution that DealerFLEX customers can’t live without. The app serves as the service drive command center to keep the workforce moving efficiently throughout the day. It minimizes technician downtime and increases customer satisfaction.

If you would like to learn more, schedule a demo today!

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